Version: v0.6.1 - Beta.  We welcome contributors & feedback.  THanks!

PHP Interface


There are two ways to interface with PHP.


THT has basic support for calling PHP libraries via the Php module.

Accessible PHP files should be located in app/misc/php.

They can be executed via Php.require, which uses PHP's require_once function.

// Load 'app/misc/php/myPhpLibrary.php'

// Call a global function
$val ='a_php_function', 'arg1', 'arg2');

// Construct a PHP object
// Namespaces can use '/' instead of '\'
$obj ='Abc/MyClass');


PHP to THT (Sideloading) 

If you have an pre-existing PHP app that you want to add THT pages to, you can sideload THT.

NOTEWe recommend this only as a temporary solution while migrating a PHP app to THT.

First, create a new THT app as normal.

Then you can include THT modules and pages directly.

// Require the THT runtime
$pathToThtApp = 'path/to/yourapp';
require_once($pathToThtApp . '/app/.tht/main/Tht.php');

// Include a THT module and call its functions
$testMod = Tht::module('TestModule');
print $testMod->myFunction(123);

// Or run a route and then exit the script.

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