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Perf Panel


The Perf Panel gives you a detailed view into how fast your page loads.

Perf Score 

The Perf Score is focused on the user’s perception of the speed of the page, so it is based on total time elapsed from of the server response to the browser’s window.onload event.

Research shows that after 1 second (1000 ms), users perceive an interface to be slow.

MillisecondsPerf Score
1 - 500FAST
501 - 1000OK

How to Activate 

To display the perf panel at the bottom of every page, set showPerfPanel: true in settings/app.jcon.

Because this is a developer feature, it will only display if:

Adding Perf Tasks 

You can measure the performance of your own tasks by using the Perf module.

How to Improve Performance 

We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimization is the root of all evil. Yet we should not pass up our opportunities in that critical 3%.

— Donald Knuth

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