Version: v0.6.1 - Beta.  We welcome contributors & feedback.  THanks!

Error Pages


As developers, half of our time is spent in an error state, so THT tries to make errors as easy to debug as possible.

Error messages are written in a clear and direct style, and are presented in a full error page so you can focus on the information you need.

Example compiler error:

Contextual Help

Runtime errors will include a formatted stack strace, including a summary of function arguments.

Suggestions and links to relevant documentation are also included, if available.


Limited Access

Error pages are only displayed if any of the following is true:

Othwerwise, THT will display a general error message and log the error information to data/files/app.log.


To limit the exposure of sensitive directory paths, and also improve readability, THT makes all paths relative to the app root.

// Example path:

// Converted to:


For basic troubleshooting, output from any print statements will be appended to the bottom of the error page.


If sendErrors is set to true in your settings/app.jcon, anonymous error information will be sent to

This will help the THT developers fix bugs and find patterns that can further improve the usability of the language.