Version: v0.6.1 - Beta.  We welcome contributors & feedback.  THanks!


Cache.set($key, $value, $expireSecs)


Set a value for ther given $key, to be expired in $expireSecs seconds.

If $expireSecs is set to 0, the key will never expire. It will need to be explicitly removed via Cache.delete.

Tip: Use the Date module to create an easy-to-read expiration value.

Full example:

function getPostsForUser($userId) {

    $key = 'posts:' ~ $userId;

    if Cache.has($key) {
        return Cache.get($key);

    // e.g. get posts from database
    $query = sql'select * from posts where userId = {}';
    $posts = Db.selectRows($query);

    Cache.set($key, $posts, Date.hours(8));

    return $posts;