Version: v0.6.1 - Beta.  We welcome contributors & feedback.  THanks!

Custom Modules

You can create your own modules in which to organize your functions and make them accessible from any page in your app.

Each module is a .tht file in the modules folder.

Module names are always UpperCamelCase.

// --- file: modules/MyModule.tht ---

F sayHello($userName) {
    print('Hello, ' ~ $userName ~ '!');

To call a function in a module, use dot . notation.

// --- file: pages/myPage.tht ---

//= 'Hello, Taylor!'

Modules in the root modules folder will be automatically included when they are used.

Modules in sub-folders need to be pulled in via import before they are used.

// pull in file 'modules/styles/Cubism.tht'

//= ['Picasso', 'Braque', 'Gris']

Module Variables 

You can assign variables directly to a module.

These act as a namespaced global variable, accessible anywhere within your app.

// --- file: modules/App.tht ---

App.contactEmail = '';

// --- file: pages/home.tht ---

$contact = 'Email: ' ~ App.contactEmail;