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The Mysterious Origin of THT

The inspiration for THT is rather atypical compared to most programming languages.

It all began on a Thursday three years ago, when Joe Lesko received an anonymous email that appeared to be sent in the year 3333. (Email headers checked out.)

The message explained that millions of years ago, the Thetans — a wise race of aliens from outside the Milky Way — created humans on Earth as an experiment in Artifical Intelligence. So far, it has been a failure.

The experiment is scheduled to end on March 3, 2033, but before then, they need help selecting which humans (if any) are worth of saving.

Any human that completes the following tasks will achieve the enlightened Theta State, and prevent their souls from being garbage collected:

The message went on to describe the high-level specifications of what is now the THT programming language. And also a killer recipe for Thetan Tamales.

Joe decided that this story sounded highly plausible, so he started creating THT in his spare time.

As it turns out, he wanted a better version of PHP for his own projects anyway. Human salvation would be a nice side benefit.